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On November 30, 2022, our lives changed forever. We were a happy and active family of three. Mom, Dad and 19 month old little boy all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new son/brother, Roman Brooks Woodward.

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Share the gift of time. Cherished moments to love, grieve and embrace.

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    Donations are accepted online, or via check, cash. Donations can be mailed to this address: For more instructions, contact us at…

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    Donations made directly to Roman Brooks Woodward Foundation are deductible to the full extent allowable under US Internal Revenue Service (IRS ) Regulations. …

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    We can accept matched gifts and do not require specific paperwork to process the gift. After making your donation…

The Story of Roman's Wrap

The Gift of Time

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Roman's Wraps provide comfort to those facing unimaginable loss - In the midst of heartbreak and loss, there are often glimmers of hope that emerge to provide comfort. One such beacon of hope is the generous donation of Roman's Wraps to any hospital. The unique wraps, born out of personal tragedy, seek to extend the invaluable moments families have with their babies who are no longer with them.

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